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MH = Miami Herald
For coverage of Florida school testing legislation 2011, please visit Son of Six.

Cartoon - Budget Cuts - Stahler, The Columbus Dispatch, 2011

Investigating Charter Schools Fraud In Philadelphia. NPR, 06-27-11
Changes At R.I. School Fail To Produce Results. NPR, 08/21/11

Lookout, teacher union. Controversial Indiana ed boss could be Florida bound. MH, 06-06-11

Collective bargaining law published despite court order blocking it. Wisconsin State Journal, 03-26-11

Dilbert 05-29-11 - Satirizes rewards in the workplace (eg. Merit pay)

One More Reason to Hate Wall Street (And Charter Schools). Modern School, 05-26-11

Cashing in or selling out? Race to the Top plows ahead in Miami-Dade. Jennifer Smith,, 05-28-11
Hillsborough's merit pay experiment benefits affluent schools. St. Pete Times, 02-24-08
Dade teachers may get merit pay this summer. MH, 05-27-11

To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test By PAM BELLUCK Published: January 20, 2011, New York Times

When standardized test scores soared in D.C., were the gains real? By Jack Gillum and Marisol Bello, USA TODAY Updated 3/30/2011
End the Test-Driven Culture of D.C. Public Schools. Petition,
Michelle Rhee's Cheating Scandal by Dana Goldstein. The Daily Beast, 03-29-11
Shame on Michelle Rhee by Diane Ravitch, The Daily Beast, 03-29-11
Rick Scott's Education Adviser Caught Up in Cheating Scandal By Michael Cohen, Fri., Apr. 8 2011, Broward/Palm Beach New Times
IQ Tests Measure Motivation - Not Just Intelligence. From BBC News Online, 04-25-11
Mother hopes others will opt out of standardized testing., 3-21-11
Diane Ravitch blasts education reform star. The Daily Beast, 03-29-11
Former Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson on Governor Rick Scott. Democratic Underground, 04-30-11
Mas cambios a la educacion. El Nuevo Herald, 04-03-11
U.S. Schools Are Still Ahead—Way Ahead - BusinessWeek, 01-12-11
Virginia's largest school district says no to performance pay. Washington Post, 04/20/11
Teacher evaluations at the schools that Obama, Duncan picked for their kids. Washington Post, 04-17-11
Obama backs away from standardized testing. LJWorld, 03-29-11
Obama's war on schools. Diane Ravitch, Newsweek, 03-20-11
5 billion dollar question: how to cut that much from the Florida budget? Miami Herald, 02-05-11
What Ravitch told KIPP and Teach for America. Washington Post, 11-17-10
'Value-added' teacher evaluations: L.A. Unified tackles a tough formula. LA Times, March 2011
Teachers make handy scapegoats - Fred Grimm -, 03-07-11
May 1933: Hitler Abolishes Unions. newsjunkiepost, 2-20-11
New merit pay bill gets a higher grade from teachers? Nobody asked me... Jennifer Smith,, 12-28-11
America's education system perpetuates the gap between rich and poor? Jennifer Smith,, 7-31-09
Obama's card in //Latin America//: Education - //Andres Oppenheimer// ... MH, 03-12-11 United States outpaces all other countries by a margin of 12 to 1 on patents. How does the standardized testing craze fit in?
What the sign to Wisonsin will now say. Someecards, 03-13-11
The end of collaborative teaching. Patrick Masters,, 03-12-11
Wisconsin has what Florida hasn't: hope. Patrick Masters,, 03-13-11
Is Walker right about teacher unions. EdVoices, 03-15-11
Recall Rick Scott. educatedrants, 03-08-11
Let Kids Rule the School. NY Times, 03-14-11
'Star' educator Michelle Rhee sparks debate in Florida. MH, 02-14-11
Krop principal receives 30 day suspension - MH, 02-10-11
Rick Scott's vouchers-for-all plan: Jeb Bush's "devious plans" on steroids. 12-28-10 - Miami Dade County Education Policy |
Public workers facing outrage as budget crises grow. NY Times, 1-1-11
High remediation rates cast doubt on reforms. Washington Post, 12-20-10
10 things charter schools won't tell you. Smart Money, 12-6-10
Rick Scott's horror show plan for Florida Education. Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, 12-15-10
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Test Scorer. - - Wednesday 01 December 2010
If this doesn't send a chill up your spine (News Corp. begins developing education-technology strategy). - - 12-16-10
Teachers give higher grade to merit pay. MH, 12-25-10
So, what happens next?, 12-11-10
Gov.-elect Scott eyes cuts to employee pensions. Herald Tribune, 12-10-10
Gov.-elect Rick Scott hints at school vouchers for all at St. Petersburg rally., 12-9-10
NCLB outrages.
The Test Chinese Schools Still Fail. Wall Street Journal Op-Ed By JIANG XUEQIN
Legislators to watch `Waiting for Superman'. Miami Herald, 12-6-10
Michelle Rhee test scores decline - Internet search
No Child Left Behind: One size can't teach all - Fortune, Dec. 1, 2010
Jeb Bush urges education leaders to follow Florida's lead. St. Pete Times, 12-1-10
Schools chief returns Race to the Top money -- for his teachers. Washington Post, 11/24/10
Murdoch buys education tech provider, 3 million-student audience. therawstory, 11-24-10
Jeb Bush urges action on NCLB. Washington Times, 11-30-10
Reframing the Education Debate. The Nation, 12-20-10
Florida Education Commissioner Michelle Rhee? The Buzz,, NOVEMBER 11, 2010
How one district fixed its failing schools. Newsweek, 10-12-10
Michelle Rhee resigns. Washington Post, 10-14-10
LA teacher Rigoberto Ruelas Jr.'s suicide sparks test score debate. AOL News, 09/28/10
Why Johnny Can't Read. Miami Herald, 09-19-10

Teachers unions fighting accountability. Leonard Pitts, MH, 07-31-10

Florida school dismisses teacher for 'fornication'. AOL News.

A mandate to reduce class size in Dade schools could mean the end of electives. MH, 05-13-10
Broward schools cut back on arts, P.E. MH, 05-13-10

Worst paying college degrees. Yahoo!, 05-10-10
Ex-Schoolteacher Says Acquittal 'Wasn't a Victory'. AOL, 05-12-10

Hundreds protest Broward school budget cuts. Sun Sentinel, 04-28-10
Broward arts, PE teachers are asked to take half pay. Sun Sentinel, 04-27-10

Charter school proposed at Gables church meets resistance. MH, 05-08-10
Miami-Dade Superintendent gets earful on standardized tests. MH, 04-29-10

First, Let's Fire All the Teachers! Diane Ravitch, Huffington Post, 03-02-10

Hundreds protest possible arts cuts at Broward schools. MH, 03-24-10
Miami-Dade kids, parents oppose education cuts. MH, 03-23-10

Bad News for School Budget Cuts AOL, 03-21-10
Latin America leads in school laptops. MH, 03-21-10

Audit finds Broward school building funds misspent. MH, 03-19-10
Rep. Detert proposes bills to help schools. MH, 02-27-10
Broward schools seek new teachers -- in New York. MH, 03-08-10

Reforms will break mold for teachers' jobs. Orlando Sentinel, 03-06-10
Teachers under state's gun. Palm Beach Post, 03-05-10

South Florida school districts dread cuts. MH, 03-01-10
Obama plan excites S. Florida educators. MH, 03-02-10

What makes a great teacher? The Atlantic, January/February 2010
School Superintendent's Questionable Hiring Practices. MYFOXNY.COM, Feb. 10, 2010

Broward Teachers Union sues School Board over blocked e-mails. MH, 02-19-10
Three aim to lead Miami-Dade teachers' union. MH, 02-21-10

Politifact: Class-size claim misleading. MH, 02-07-10

The Untouchable Mean Girls. The Boston Globe, 1-24-10
Obama's 'No Child' Overhaul Creates Anxiety, Hopes. AOL News, 02-01-10
Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’. Who’ll blink first: the unions, or the White House? - Wall Street Journal, JULY 30, 2009, 11:22 P.M. ET

Magazine rates Florida's schools No. 8 in nation. MH, 01-15-10
Region's schools lose out on $11M. Orlando Sentinel, 12-30-09
Proposal for federal school funds is flawed. Andy Ford, Orlando Sentinel, 12-30-09
Teachers' unions balk at Florida's bid for federal education reform money. By Tom Marshall, Times Staff Writer In Print: Friday, December 18, 2009
For federal grants, teacher evaluations would be tied to student test performance. Leslie Postal and Denise-Marie Balona, Orlando Sentinel. December 10 2009
State in race for millions in federal school grants. Miami Herald, 11-12-09
75 Percent of Young Americans Are Unfit for Military Duty. Andrea Stone, Sphere, 11-3-09
The New Untouchables. Friedman, NY Times, 10-21-09

Vouchers a dirty word to Democrats , Beth Reinhard, Miami Herald, 10-17-09
Florida a leader in putting kids in jail for life. Fred Grimm, Miami Herald, 10-13-09

Labor Beat - Secretary Of Education Duncan Pushing The Chicago Plan

Class sizes likely to increase in OCPS. Orlando Sentinel, 03-02-09
Miami-Dade teachers agree to two-day pay deferral. MH, 05-19-09

Schools escape worst budget cuts, but money worries remain. Orlando Sentinel, 05-05-09
Only painful options in no-harm budget. MH, 04-19-09
Florida lawmakers propose less money for upkeep of schools. MH, 4/18/09

Florida lawmakers propose less money for upkeep of schools
Apr 19, 2009 ... Should a school district take money from maintenance and technology needs to pay for teachers and school programs -- even if it means no one ... - 67k -

With many twists and turns, Florida lawmakers keep up per-student spending., 04-02-09

Per-student spending held steady -- for a price - South Florida **...**
Apr 3, 2009 ... After back-to-back years of cuts to schools, lawmakers have figured out a way to hold per-student funding steady. But it comes at a price. - 68k -

Central Florida Political Pulse --
House education budget-writers want to give a slight boost in per-pupil education funding to Florida school districts.

Teachers need to redirect fight for raises to Tallahassee, MH, 03-29-09
Dade teachers alone in fight against district's budget plan, WSVN 7, March 26, 2009
Teachers deflect scrutiny over benefits. Florida Today, 03-22-09
Florida Republicans, Democrats offer education plans. MH, 3/18/09
Schools tap into student club money to operate. CBS4, 03-16-09. (Search may be required)
Ex-Broward coach sentenced to 30 years in student-sex case. MH, 03-10-09
Blame for School Achievement Gap Misplaced (Chris Spiliotis -- 03-13-09)

NEW YORK TIMES, OPINION| October 07, 2008
Lesson Plans: Well-Paid Teachers? I'm on Board

Miami-Dade Teachers Claim Censorship Over E-Mails., 3-10-09
Miami-Dade, Broward schools may not get stimulus funds for construction. MH, 03-08-09
School on the brink: Miami Central High principal fights for turnaround. MH, 03-08-09

High schools may see non-football sports pared., 3/3/09
Rep. Detert proposes bills to help schools., 02-27-09

Dade, Broward schools hope for breaks from lawmakers. MH, 3/1/09
Broward parents, students to rally for education money. MH, 02-26-09
Columbus High teacher gives important lessons after school. MH, 02-24-09
Broward schools' cutback possibilities are plentiful. MH, 02-23-09
A bilingual future: More parents are sending their kids to language classes, MH, 02-21-09

Southwest Florida teachers rally to increase education funding. Marco News, Feb 19, 2009

Kendall father urges other parents to get involved. MH, 2/12/09
North Region teacher still looks through child's eyes. MH, 2/12/09
Number of homeless students in South Florida soars. MH, 2/12/09
7-period schedule proposed from Broward high schools. MH, 2/11/09
With pigs as props, Broward Teachers Union pushes to save jobs. MH, 2/11/09
Dade teachers to confront board. MH, 2/10/09 - School District Does Away With Grade Levels, Feb 11, 2009
Dade School Board OKs $56M cut to budget. MH, 2/11/09
South Florida housing prices becoming affordable again, Miami Herald, 02-08-09

Seven Better Uses For $700 Billion -, Sep 23, 2008
Will The Recession Kill School Reform? - Lack of funding could boost schools' productivity.

State Board of Education will examine funding crisis, Miami Herald, 01-22-09
Florida Legislature's budget cuts hit home - Today's Top Stories, Miami Herald, Jan 15, 2009

Teachers' union sues for Miami-Dade School Board minutes, Miami Herald, 02-06-09
Dade School Board considers freeze on worker raises to meet budget ..., Miami Herald, 1-31-09
State Board of Education will examine funding crisis - Florida, Miami Herald, Jan 22, 2009
Money flows in when you hire right lawmaker - Carl Hiaasen, MH, Jan 25, 2009
Retired Miami-Dade teacher schools the rookie - Education, MH, Jan 15, 2009
Troubled Miami-Dade reform school may be forced to close main campus, MH, 01-25-09

Miami Herald, 01-25-09
'Angry moms' speak up over school cuts
Outraged by statewide cuts in public-school funding, and fearing the loss of clubs, art classes and electives, parents across South Florida and across the state are starting to stir.

Herald Search: Doral hunger strike
Doral moms receive pledge on school cuts, end hunger strike, Miami Herald, Jan 19, 2009
Doral High parents protest cutbacks, launch hunger strike - Miami Herald, 01-13-09
Moms on Strike for Education, Dolce Miami, 01-17-09

Archdiocese of Miami may close several schools, Miami Herald, 01-16-08
Broward County teachers rally for raises, Miami Herald, January 16, 2009
Too much homework? Schools look at the load - Miami Herald, Jan 13, 2009
Court: Give job back to Broward schools whistle-blower, Miami Herald, Jan 8, 2009

Superintendent salutes Hialeah's academic progress, Miami Herald, 01-06-09
Miami-Dade schools' finances draw state scrutiny, Miami Herald, 01-05-09
Key Biscayne manager's plan leaves out charter schools, Miami Herald, 01-01-09

Wiki Wisdom: Lessons for Educators, Education Week, September 12, 2007
No Cheers for New Education Secretary, Dec 29, 2008,

Vista to supply health insurance to Broward schools employees, Miami Herald, 12-29-08
Miami Art Machine, Written by Anne Tschida: One small school has had one huge impact (New World School of the Arts) - Biscayne Times
Florida seeks to cut ESOL teachers' training requirement, Miami Herald, 12-27-08
More naughty than nice on Santa's list, Miami Herald, 12-23-08
Broward School Board members seek change in No Child Left Behind law, Miami Herald, 12-22-08
Miami-Dade schools chief Alberto Carvalho off to strong start, Miami Herald, 12-21-08
Dade Schools chief Alberto Carvalho enlists Homestead High parents, Miami Herald, 12-21-08

Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan Must Deal With Rhee, Unions, US News & World Report, Dec 19, 2008 "1000 Years in the Classroom" project

Miami-Dade School Board lobbies Tallahassee over spending, Miami Herald, 12-18-08
Miami-Dade School Board lobbies state lawmakers over money, Miami Herald, 12-17-08
Longtime appraiser now Dade's first elected property appraiser, Miami Herald,
Tue Dec 16, 2008, 12/16/08: Chief Financial Officer Testifies at Impasse Hearing Giving Teachers Their Promised Salaries Would “Wreck the School System” After nearly two hours of tedious testimony by M-DCPS, Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Richard Hinds concluded that, “Giving teachers their negotiated salaries would wreck the school system and might be unconstitutional.”
Click here for more information.
Click here for December 15th Impasse Information
Click here for CBS4 coverage.

Miami-Dade's 'Top Principal' Hopes To Rescue Failing School, Miami Herald, Dec 16, 2008 - Teacher Attacked By Family At Jackson Senior High

American teens lie, steal, cheat at 'alarming' rates: study,, December 1, 2008
Proposed Plan To Pay Students To Learn Gets Approval,, 12-12-08

Most Likely to Succeed, New Yorker, 12-15-08
Change may fail more schools, Miami Herald, 12-10-08
School Board votes to sue state over funding, Miami Herald, 12-11-08
Broward leads nation in certified teachers, Miami Herald, 12-10-08
Broward schools seek federal bailout, Miami Herald, 12-09-08
Raises OK'd for thousands of Broward schools workers
Teen sues over school's reaction to facebook postings, Miami Herald, 12-09-08
New plan would create more F schools
School Board Considers Abandoning $85M Computer Upgrade,, 12-4-08
Students' 'poof! papers' on FCAT exams concerns state educators
New Times Gives Thanks to Rudy Crew and the Florida Marlins, Miami New Times, 11-27-08
Democracy Now!, June 20, 2006 | All New Orleans Public School Teachers Fired
Miami-Dade schools chief Alberto Carvalho: Schools deserve bailout, Miami Herald, Nov 25, 2008
Education gets another kick in the teeth - Fred Grimm, Miami Herald, 11-23-08
An authoritative word on academic freedom - NY Times, 11-23-08
Defining the good teacher By Ron Matus, Times Staff Writer, St. Petersburg Times, In print: Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leaving NCLB well behind., 7-12-07
More budget cuts could reverse Dade and Broward graduation gains
Miami-Dade approves 19 charter schools, closes four others, Miami Herald, 11-19-08
Miami-Dade School Board approves $89M budget cuts, Miami Herald, 11-18-08
Florida pension fund plummets - St. Petersburg Times
Union plans to start traditional teacher-run school -, 11-15-08
Brian Peterson on MDCPS improvement,, Fall & Winter, 2008
Plan calls for axing 440 Miami-Dade school-system jobs, Miami Herald, 11-14-08
I won't close failing schools, Miami-Dade schools chief pledges
No child left to die, Riptide 2.0, Paul Moore, 11/10/08
Miami-Dade schools face another big cut, Miami Herald, 11-10-08
Schools facing another big cut, Miami Herald, Mon., Nov. 10, 2008
Obama's Possible Candidates for Education Secretary -
What Can We Learn From L.A. - Tracing the Rise-and-Fall Pattern of Urban School Reform
Crew, Notter wrangle at education-prize event | - Miami-Dade Schools May Not Be Able To Cover Costs

Many Broward school district workers sign off on pay raises, Miami Herald, 10-08-08
Broward sees rise in free school meals as proverty level rises
"Dont shave" - Reporter on source, action gone wrong -, 09-25-08
Se necesita coraje para cambiar, enseñar y triunfar - El Nuevo Herald, 09-23-08
Broward teacher contract talks trip on `steps' - 09/10/2008 - Miami Herald
Broward teachers want raises, step increases - 09/12/2008 - Miami Herald
Broward teacher pay talks break down, protest planned - Topix - September 2, 2008
Opinion | Schools chief chosen way too quickly - 09/17/2008 -
Dade School Board delays vote on Carvalho's contract - 09/17/2008 -
School Board must settle trust issue first - 09/16/2008 -
Maybe Rudy wasn't board's real problem - Miami Herald, September 16, 2008
Broward School Board members discuss legislative priorities - Miami Herald, September 16, 2008
Negotiations for teachers' pay breaking down in Broward

Uneasy first day for new Dade schools chief - Miami Herald, 09-13-08

More problems with merit pay (Brevard County)
Miami-Dade School Board cuts 370 jobs to balance budget
- 03:02 AM EST, Miami Herald, 9-11-08

Next schools chief likely to be hired internally
Fri Sep 5, 2008

School Board might buy out Crew's contract - 09/04/2008, Miami Herald
The final act in Crew drama is playing out - Miami Herald, 09-05-08
Universities Enroll Fewer Blacks
MD School Board doesn't play nice - CBS4, August 29, 2008
Miami-Dade schools to dip $22 million into reserves, Miami Herald, 08-28-08
Miami-Dade school officials propose cuts
Rudy Crew: `Do not talk to me like a dog!'
Improving school accountability - 08/24/2008 -
Miami Ethnic Clash May Preview U.S. Where `Minorities' Dominate
Herald Blog: Bloomberg: Rudy Crew and the "Miami Ethnic Clash May Preview U.S. Where 'Minorities' Dominate"
Right call on Amendment 5 - 08/17/2008 -
Tax swap gaps make paranoia rational, Miami Herald, 08-17-08
Miami-Dade, Broward schools dealing with deep cuts, Miami Herald, 08-10-08
New Miami-Dade schools await thousands of students, Miami Herald, 08-10-08
Someone needs to bring Crew, board together, Miami Herald, 08-06-08
717 school district jobs spared; ballot idea out for now, Miami Herald, 08-05-08
School voucher issues stay on ballot, Miami Herald, 08-05-08
Bitter foes for Miami-Dade School Board trade charges, Miami Herald, 08-08-08
Vendors with millions in school district contracts contribute to School Board members’ campaigns, SunPost, 08-07-08

Miami Central High’s ‘village’ is missing in action
Broward schools chief rated highly - Miami Herald, 08-07-08
Someone needs to bring Crew, Board together - Miami Herald, 08-06-08
School Board push to oust Crew fails by one vote - South Florida Times, 08-05-08
Superintendent Crew weighing whether to stay in job - Miami Herald, 08-06-08
717 school district jobs spared; ballot idea out for now - Miami Herald, 08-05-08
School voucher issues stay on ballot - Miami Herald, 08-05-08
Miami School Board Votes Down Crew Firing
Crist supports plan to cut property taxes in exchange for higher sales tax - Sun Sentinel, 08-04-08
South Florida teaching jobs harder to find - Miami Herald, 08-04-08
Candidate files complaint against Karp
Factory-model discipline leaves many troubled students behind
Broward schools chief finds harmony with board
Controversial Miami-Dade School Police Chief Offered MCS Job
Education Week: Career Academies Seen to Pay Off in Higher Earnings
TV's new hit: `School Board Soap Opera' - Miami Herald, 08-02-08
Crew losing members across his inner circle - Miami Herald, 08-01-08
Miami-Dade School Board Passes Tentative Budget
Magnet programs help Leon County Schools enrollment
Audit Charges $100 Million Fraud In Miami-Dade Schools
School Board passes budget with no teacher raises

- Miami Herald, 07-31-08
Tempers flare at School Board meeting; one member storms out

The Miami Herald recommends - For Miami-Dade School Board, District 9
Squabblers need a visit with Freud - Miami Herald, 07-30-08
Report: Dade School Board attorney was wrong - Miami Herald, 07-30-08
Dade schools' Crew hits back at chief critic
Cut-down Broward school budget advances - 07/29/2008 - Miami Herald
Ninoska Pérez radio show 07-29-08
The Miami Herald recommends, For Miami-Dade School Board, District 3
Board, superintendent headed for showdown - Broward County Public Schools Face Their Own Cuts - 07-29-08
Broward makes progress in free tutoring - Miami Herald, 07-28-08 (Also discusses MDCPS tutoring expenses)
Crew facing sharp divide
Distrito escolar busca cortar otros 69 puestos
Rudy Crew facing the chopping block - Eye on Miami, 07-26-08
Hidden away in his bunker, Crew can't win

Board member says school spending still too high -, 07-25-08
Report Ranks States by How Well Black Males Fare in Their High Schools - Chronicle of Higher Education, 07-25-08
Support for the superintendent
Why the School Board is unhappy - Miami Herald, 07-26-08
Board showdown set over Crew's job - Miami Herald, 07-25-08
Florida educators take stock of state’s grim financial situation
- Sunpost, July 24, 2008
United Teachers of Dade endorses School Board candidates - Sunpost, July 24, 2008

State says School Board candidate's vessel his home - 07/23/08, Miami Herald
State says School Board candidate's vessel his home - 07/23/2008 -
Los maestros apoyan cambios en la Junta Escolar - 07/23/2008, Miami Herald
Teachers union backs Dade Board challengers - 07/22/2008, Miami Herald
Broward schools budget has less cash for buses, teachers - Miami Herald, July 22, 2008
Palm Beach County: Schools chief aims to protect jobs despite budget constraints - July 14, 2008, Sun Sentinel
Candidate calls for elected superintendent - 07/19/2008, Miami Herald
Dr. Rudolph Crew: Miami-Dade school district acts in good faith - Miami Herald, 07-16-08
No Easy Answers - Sunpost, 07-17-08
Crew's grim budget forecast: layoffs and cuts to programs - 07/16/08, Miami Herald
Dade School Board gets look at budget - 07/15/2008 -
E-mail usage under fire - 07/15/2008 -
Alegan que miembro de la Junta escolar violó ley electoral - 07/14/08, El Nuevo Herald - Union Prez Warns Teachers Away From Miami Dade, July 14, 2008
Miami-Dade schools to take $31.5M from rainy-day fund - 07/11/2008, Miami Herald
Dade School Police Protest At Board Member's Home - CBS 4, July 12, 2008
Dr. Rudolph Crew in Baltimore - Blog entry - Rising Sun, July 11, 2008
Failure of the Zone, CBS 4
Message on 'Enough is Enough' Campaign, Carlos Franco
Making sense of the amendments, July 7, 2008,
School House Bloc, SunPost, July 10, 2008
Teachers' Union Says It's At Impasse With District Over Raises, NBC 6
School district, UTD should compromise, Miami Herald, July 3, 2008

United Teachers Of Dade To Continue Negotiations Over Raises
Miami-Dade Teachers Protest Outside United Way Luncheon
Putney: Members need to stop squabbling. Miami Herald, July 2, 2008
Superintendent: Bad tenured teachers hard to fire. AP, June 28, 2008
Dade teacher-pay contract talks get heated. Miami Herald, July 2, 2008
Let Superintendent Crew finish the job, Miami Herald, June 30, 2008
District, Dade teachers union spar on contract, Miami Herald, June 30, 2008
Dade schools attorney probed over relocation - 06/30/2008 - Miami Herald
Dade teachers to board: Don't slash our raises - 06/27/2008 -
Schools sit on powder keg, and superintendent has a match - Miami Today, 06-26-08
Dade schools may put off teacher raises
School Board vote may delay teacher raises

Royal Flush - A gold-plated plumbing caper. Time Magazine, Monday, Mar. 10, 1980
Dade schools' tech upgrade is pushed back
Push to oust Rudy Crew stepped up - Miami Herald - 06/25/08
Dade schools attorney's vow to move questioned - 06/25/2008 - Miami Herald
Logros del distrito escolar de Miami-Dade, Miami Herald, 06-24-08 - Crew Takes Anger, Frustration In Stride, Jun 23, 2008

Embattled Rudy Crew brushes off ouster talk - CBS4, June 22, 2008

School Board Member Wants Superintendent Fired, Local 10, 06-19-08
**Dade schools whack hundreds more jobs** - 06/19/2008 -
$1-a-year **principal** to run for Miami-Dade School Board - 06/17/08 - Miami Herald
Maestro y sindicalista aspira a escaño en la Junta Escolar - 06/15/08 - El Nuevo Herald - **Miami-Dade Struggles With School Budget Cuts**
Crew proposes even deeper cuts - 06/13/2008 -
Click here: - Teachers & Parents Discuss School Budget Concerns
Click here:
School Board hears from concerned employees
Dr. Perez conference
MDCPS seek money saving ideas
MDCPS uses eminent domain to build another school
Graduation Disparities - SunPost - 06-05-08
Click here: Tres maestros cuestionan liderazgo de la UTD - 06/03/2008 - El Nuevo Herald
XETA Technologies selected to upgrade voice systems of Miami-Dade County Public Schools
**The Bush Brothers' Remaining Florida Battle: Publicly Funded Church Schools**, Schools Matter, June 3, 2008
**Dade** **teachers bicker among themselves** - 06/03/2008 -
NAACP blasts education cuts
Dade School Board votes not to cut top salaries
WPLG Editorial: Miami-Dade Public School Should Cut The Fat To Fund Quality Education (5/18/08)
School Employee Charged In Invoice Scam - Miami News Story
Florida teachers union to fight move to revive vouchers ...
**Buscan reducir el impacto de los recortes en Educación** - El Nuevo Herald, 05/17/08
**Miami-Dade Schools Don't Scrimp On Advertising** - Education News **...**
Plan to Close 11 Schools Reconsidered - Education - Miami Herald, May 13, 2008
Teachers outraged that Dade School Board pays $1 million a year to United Teachers of Dade officers. Miami SunPost, May 8, 2008

FCAT essay scores improve in Miami-Dade
Reading scores for Dade eighth-graders on rise
Cover-up at school headquarters gets chairman's backing. Miami Today, Week of May 8, 2008
Board member offers money for budget ideas
Failed School: In Allapattah, kids threaten teachers, and bosses look the other way. By Francisco Alvarado Published: May 1, 2008
Doble salario en UTD levanta interrogantes
Pinellas may cut 147 school district jobs, close schools
House OKs school, FCAT changes, Palm Beach Post, 04-31-08
The Miami-Dade School Board wants to postpone teacher raises to save money

Dade schools plan districtwide cuts
Dade schools plan targets feeder patterns
Dade School Board's records searches may be limited
Education Secretary Spellings: No Child Left Behind to Undergo Changes

South Florida schools will bear the brunt of $298 million in state education budget cuts

Miami-Dade Co. Students Protest School Budget Cuts - Local News Story - WTVJ | Miami
Retired & Rehired Principals Cost Dade Schools
Health for Teachers
The newspaper of record plays softball with the schools chief
Dade schools may face loss of more funds
Bonuses for nationally certified teachers could be cut
School vouchers could expand
State could jack up fees to cover budget shortfall
Miami-Dade, Broward school districts qualify for $500,000 award
Posibles recortes presupuestarios serían catastróficos para el Sur de la Florida
Deep budget cuts in store for S. Florida, Miami Herald, 4/04/08
Double Dipping Discovered In Miami-Dade Schools
Maligned tax proposal rising from the ashes
Miami-Dade voters may have to choose between lowering property taxes and education
Dade graduation rates among the worst, Miami Herald, 04/02/08
Rise of the 'rock star' school superintendent - Yahoo! News
Split health costs, schools, teachers told - 03/31/2008 ...
Schools' budgets take hit; Bright Futures whole
AFT Roundtable Highlights School-Improvement Essentials
Don't trust this gang with our state's future
Miami New Times - News - Kid Stuff
Francisco Alvarado

Edison brawl, February 29, 2008
Police, Miami Edison students dispute cause of melee

Community reacts to handling of Edison High brawl

27 arrested a Miami high school brawl

Students arrested, police injured after Miami school protest

Out of State

Local 10 - Suspended Teacher Defends Book Assignment - Education News Story - WPLG Miami
School closingsSee School closings
Protestan por el posible cierre de escuela primaria Emerson

Health insurance proposal 2007

WPLG Channel 10
WPLG Editorial: Miami-Dade Should Keep Teachers Covered (12/8/07)
Michael Putney and Glenna Milburg have graciously pushed for a streaming video copy of their story.
This Week in South Florida coverage
Another Channel 10 link
Miami Herald

Free speech & Agenda Item SP-1, 2007

Perez loses suit against Crew
Fallo judicial le otorga más poder a Rudolph Crew
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WPLG Editorial: Miami-Dade Should Keep Teachers Covered (12/8/07)
This Week in South Florida coverage
For many teachers, 2 jobs a prerequisite

Audit: Dade schools must justify $27M in overtime

Dade schools chief warns of layoffs
Dade teachers reject health cost increase
Crew aims to expand magnet-school access
Dade scraps proposal to close 10 schools

Crew sugiere despidos por recortes de fondos
Crew presenta plan para mitigar recortes
Secundarias charter abren caminos a miles de jóvenes
Crew propone plan para facilitar educación a todos
La escuela primaria Emerson no cerrará
La Junta Escolar se prepara para drásticos cortes
Nueva iniciativa promete laptops a buenos estudiantes
La Junta Escolar aprueba fondos para el curso con un déficit de $43.7 millones
Pesimismo sobre futuro de escuelas en Miami
Malas notas a escuelas del sur de la Florida
Notas de escuelas afectan evaluación de Crew
Auguran aumento en escuelas con "D" y "F"
Escuelas de Miami pierden alumnos y millones
Impuestos enfrentan a los constructores y la Junta Escolar
La Junta Escolar preserva sus fondos
Buscan hacer públicos pagos del distrito escolar
Miami-Dade busca 1,500 maestros
Empeora Miami-Dade en el FCAT de Lectura

State education budget 2007

Senate Dems: No support for budget cuts without tax break talks
House, Senate have few differences in budget cut bill
Schools told to brace for 4 percent budget cut