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Gandhi wrote that we have to have faith that when we do good that others will respond in kind. If opponents do otherwise, it is a sign that we are right.

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MDCPS paid about $5,511(2006) per full time employee for insurance for Y2007-2008?
Why is there one price if different employees have different types of plans?
Miami Dade County Public School Board. (2006). BUDGET ASSISTANCE SHEET FOR 2006-2007.Retrieved October 8, 2008, from

Salary schedule
Begining teachers can only choose an HMO and to stay in the PPO you pay 381 a month for Humana and either 434 a month or 540 for Vista?

Talking points

  • Here is a list of talking points that are valid regardless the motivation behind the MDCPS insurance proposal.
  • MDCPS and the union are at impasse (ozequeira).
  • Salaries have not kept up with the rate of inflation in Miami-Dade County for the past 10 years (ozequeira based on Shawn Beightol's research).
  • By even making its most recent healthcare proposal, MDCPS is saying that it does not care about its employees. (ozequeira)
  • According to W. Edwards Deming, effective organizations seek to increase their employees' well-being by improving the quality of their work and lives, not reducing quality, as this proposal would do (ozequeira).
  • MDCPS administration only gave a month to respond (ozequeira).
  • This is an extremely short-sighted proposal. Support staff at the schools, including secretaries, custodians, cafeteria workers, and security guards, who often have to use food stamps to feed their families, will not be able to absorb these increased costs. (ozequeira)
  • Additionally, by cutting health care benefits, MDCPS will increase its costs due to absences by sick workers, in addition to the damage that it will cause its charges in the classroom for the same reason. (ozequeira)
  • It is patently untrue that MDCPS, or Florida for that matter, cannot pay for education or health care for its employees. Over the past 10 years, we have been cutting taxes for those who can afford them most, corporations and their board members. They are not paying their fair share for education. (ozequeira)
  • Tax cuts fueled real estate speculation, leaving empty condos. (ozequeira)
  • Potential solutions include progressive property tax structures, or a return to previous tax rates for intangibles. (ozequeira)
  • MDCPS can insist that everyone pay their fair share of education dollars by examining the possibility of a progressive property tax structure for our community and the state. (ozequeira)
  • Gandhi called education a moral and spiritual imperative. (ozequeira)

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