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Those Republicans who follow their outrageous leadership must be

replaced in November 2010. I suggest you volunteer with Organizing

for America to make phone calls, adding to the message that Republican

legislators in the state House and Senate must be replaced in November!

Dear Emilio and all:

In thinking about your email, it occurred to me that there are people on this list who have kids in charter schools or are considering it. I confirmed yesterday that this bill increases testing for kids in charter schools as well, curtailing the options and intellects of kids in those schools, while continuing the attack on religious education that we discussed.

For a link to the bill text to confirm what I am saying, to contact the legislature to vote this down, or Crist to veto it, please see:

This bill does have one positive, that it has united students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and school districts against it. S;->


1032: A district school board may not use length of service...

Dear Johnny, Please also see the section that begins with line 936. Any thoughts on how we can inform the faculty of this? Otto Zequeira mdcpsprofessionals

Charter schools increase testing 1002.33, line 238
Text of Senate bill (current)
Dear Juan, According to the lines you mentioned, the NBCT is being cut for future teachers. Advanced degrees may be considered as part of performance, not pay for degree, so this is being attacked as well. See line 769. Pay of degrees is strictly prohibited. How can we inform the faculty of this? Otto Zequeira mdcpsprofessionals


From: Pasteris, Juan S.
Sent: Mon 4/5/2010 9:09 AM
To: Kirsner, David M.; 7071 CGHS

I read the senate bill and some portions of the house bill. Although I understand your overall sentiment, I find it necessary to clarify one key thing: The notion that "Advanced degrees will not count" is not accurate. -Both bills include the Dale Hickam program for National Board Certified teachers (line 1640 in SB6 and line 1649 in HB-1789). -The senate bill also includes pay based on advanced degrees in line 1234.(this has yet to be addressed in the House bill)I believe the house will soon add on the pay for advanced degrees once amendments are considered. I believe.your argument will be far more powerful once these discrepancies are clarified. Respectfully,Juan S. Pasteris

Education Policy Council

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Florida senator webpages
Thank you for e-mailing Senator Rich to express your opposition to SB 6. Senator Rich voted NO on this bill in the Committee on Ways & Means, and will vote against it again when it is taken up by the full Senate.
Thank you for writing about SB 6 and thank you for your effort in collecting these signatures. As a former teacher myself, I certainly understand your concern with this legislation. As such, I have emailed principals and school board members in my district asking for their opinion on both SB 4 and SB 6. I thank you for your contact and contributing to this very important discussion.

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