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Click on the links below to speak before the Miami-Dade County Public School Board, or to find the email address for your MDCPS Board member or other elected officials. Many of the addresses are available below. Thank you.

Locate your Florida state and federal representatives (State database)

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Miami-Dade County School Board

Request for Appearance before the School Board (pdf document)
(See Board rule on decorum below)

Email the entire MDCPS Board

Or email individual board members:
Find your MDCPS School Board member,,,,,,,,

Miami-Dade County (9/23/10),,,,,,,,,,

City of Miami (09/26/10),,,,,

Florida elected officials
House of Representatives
FL House Pre-K-12 Policy Committee
Education Policy Council

Florida Senate
Email the Governor

United States
House of Representatives
Florida senators

MDCPS Board Rule Number: 6Gx13- 8C-1.171 BOARD MEETINGS--DECORUM

The School Board seeks public input and participation. However, the
public purpose is not served when citizens become disorderly or
disrupt meetings. The Chair may order the removal, from a public
meeting held by the Board, of any person interfering with the
expeditious or orderly process of such meeting, provided the Chair
has first issued a warning that continued interference with the
orderly process of the meeting will result in removal. Accordingly,
the removal process will be designated to the Sergeant-At-
Arms as determined and directed by the Chair. Listed below are some
of the types of actions which may constitute interference with the
expeditious or orderly process of a Board meeting if continued after
the appropriate warning.
1) Using any form of profanity or loud abusive comments.
2) Shouting comments from the audience.
3) Carrying of signs or placards which obstruct the view of
other citizens.
4) Heckling or verbal outbursts in support of or in opposition to
a speaker or his or her remarks.
5) Clapping and applauding which disrupts the meeting.
6) Refusing to yield the podium when the Chair has advised the
speaker that his/her time is up.
7) Expressing comments which do not address the topic to
which the speaker has signed up.