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  • Portfolio assessment
  • High Stakes Testing
  • Start of class routine
  • Inequality & education
  • Open-book tests
  • Scripted lessons - Educational Resources Information Clearinghouse (Federal database) Search
  • Alternative discipline
  • Career academies
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Authentic education
  • Democratic education
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  • The Teacher Crisis


Television is negatively impacting our students, teachers and families
AFT: Publications: American Educator Summer 2002: What Television Chases Out of Life
Pawlowski, Cheryl. Glued to the Tube.
Gatto, John Taylor. Weapons of Mass Instruction.


More than 10 minutes per grade level doesn't help.
There is a difference between homework and busy work. Since I started focusing on specific goals instead of arbitrary homework time guidelines, my students' work in my English classes has improved to the point that they have been competing in the Dade County Youth Fair. Click on the link for 'Youth Fair entries' here for samples: Hope you enjoy. (OZ, 06-16-11)

See also: *Overcoming mediocrity in the classroom with quality

Homework (Research on Teaching Monograph) (Hardcover)
by Harris Cooper (Author)
Hardcover: 218 pages
Publisher: Longman Group United Kingdom (February 1989)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0801302080
ISBN-13: 978-0801302084


Pasco: Tes| scores fall as pupils rise Florida 10th grade reading scores are down since the implementation of the A+ Plan. St. Petersburg Times, May 20, 2005.
The fourth grade plunge
Knowledge: the next frontier in reading comprehension
Reading Comprehension Requires Knowledge of Words and the World Effective teaching of reading.
U.S. reading program benefits Bush friend. ABC, 05-15-2007
Reading scores stalled under 'No Child' law, report finds D.C. fourth-graders a bright spot in disappointing 2009 data. Washington Post, 03-25-10


Grammar... Again. The Quarterly, Vol. 21, No. 1, 1999
external image quote.gif Does a knowledge of traditional textbook grammar–the nomenclature kind of grammar that teaches the definitions of "transitive verbs" and "predicate nominatives" and fosters sentence diagramming and the conjugation of verbs–facilitate or improve a student's competence as a writer?
Without a doubt the real-world answer is no.

Professional writing and editing process helps students learn most
Journalism Kids Do Better: What Research Tells Us about High School Journalism
You can find the full report here:

Quality focus helps student writing improve most
Pirsig, Robert - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Glasser, Dr. William

Portfolio assessment
The Effects of Digital Portfolio Assessment Process on Students' Writing and Drawing Performances (ED501463)

High Stakes Testing

A five-fold increase of testing since the '50's is not helping
IQ Tests Measure Motivation - Not Just Intelligence. From BBC News Online, 04-25-11
"Not on the Test" (A comedy video about high-stakes testing)
Testing, Testing, Testing
Testing Trap - Harvard Magazine, September-October 2002
Blame for School Achievement Gap Misplaced | Education and the...
Berliner, Biddle. The Manufactured Crisis.

Start of class routine

How to Make a Good Impression Every Day. David Berliner

Inequality & education

EEGs show brain differences between poor and rich kids (12/9/2008)
Unequal America (July-August 2008)
Causes and consequences of the wide—and growing—gap between rich and poor.
by Elizabeth Gudrais. When Majid Ezzati thinks about declining ...

Open-book tests

ERIC search
4. Using Open-Book Tests to Strengthen the Study Skills of Community-College Biology Students

Scripted lessons

They do not help
Scripted lessons - Educational Resources Information Clearinghouse (Federal database) Search

Alternative discipline

Factory-model discipline leaves many troubled students behind - The Providence Journal, 07-20-08

Career academies

Education Week: Career Academies Seen to Pay Off in Higher Earnings
A 15-year research project found that students in career academies were no more likely to attend college than those in traditional high schools...

Foreign Exchange

High School Give-and-TakeForeign-exchange programs help students dive into new cultures, but Americans lag.

Authentic education

Provides better results
*See "A democratic curriculum: Voting with water balloons"
MDCPS Competency-Based Curriculum

Democratic education

Also provides better results
*See "A Democratic Curriculum: Voting with Water Balloons"
"After studying over 1,500 schools, researchers found that students learn more when teachers:
*pursue a clear, shared purpose for all students' learning;
*engage in collaborative activities to achieve that purpose;
*take collective responsibility for student learning (Foundations of Democratic Education, O'Hair, McLaughlin, Reitzug: 10)."


The Church of Reason, from "Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", by Robert M. Pirsig

The Teacher Crisis

The Teacher Shortage: False Alarm?